Tree plantation from Bhaloot to Dhaangali project started

Bismillah Welfare Project UK, Khawja Manzoor Hussain Mir has launched a project to plant trees from Bhaloot to Dhaangali.

The opening ceremony was held at Bhaloot, in which MLA Muhammad Afsar Shahid, Administrator Dadyal Khawja Muhmmad Nazir, Anwar Latif Dar, Tanweer Mehmood Mughal participated.

While addressing the ceremony Afsar Shahid said that Khawja Manzoor Hussain is an excellent social worker whom we all took great pride in. He has successfully carried out many projects previously to provide water in villages to poor people. And so we give him all our support and hope that he is successful in his new endeavor too. Khawja Muhammad Nazir too said, that Manzoor Hussain is always undertaking one or other social work project and is a great humanitarian.

We are proud of humanitarians like Manzoor Hussain and wish that is work inspires other people to do social work and benefit the community at large.