Tractor Trolley falls into pit-One woman dies in Kas Chanatar

In the rural area of Kas Chanatar, District Bhimber a tractor trolley fell into a pit in the earth, injuring a total of 5 people.

One lady died and 5 people including the driver sustained injuries. Later these people were identified as being 2 men, 2 women and driver Imtiaz. Inured woman Shazia Akhtar daughter of Noor Hussain resident of Gurah Khaberan was taken to hospital upon sustaining injury but could not be saved and lost her life.

Kas Chanatar is a valley next to city Bhimber in Azad Kashmir. 99% people of Jatt cast have lived here for many years and are mostly farmers. Backyard farming is one of the main source of getting supplies for people in this village. This explains why tractor trolley would be present.

However the inexperienced clumsiness of the driver resulted in loss of life. That is inexcusable. We are deeply grieved by the death of Shazia Akhtar and hope that Allah grants her highest rant in Jannah.