Tothal, Electricity Department is Pointless as Employees are Non-Existent

Electricity department in Thothal is pointless as employees are non-existent.

The employees of Thothal Electricity department refuse to work, and are busy in roaming around.

When people complain about electricity they tell them white lies to get out of the situation. And when people try to visit their office it is locked from outside.

The employees are basically getting salary for doing nothing, and the locals are sick and tired of it.

Lineman Ashraf, has refused to work, and is not answerable to anyone.

The consumers are launching one complaint after the other, but no-one care, and no-one is there to take notice of the issues.

The locals are now appealing to the Chief Engineer, of Electricity Department. He has been asked to look into the matter, and make a special report on the case.

According to sources, for the easa of local residents the sub office was constructed in Tothal. But there concerned personal there are never present for duty, and there is no-one to solve the locals issues. They are usually spotted in the hotels and cinemas around the office. While there is a lock on the office gate.

If you are lucky enough to find any officials number they sweet talk their way out of it, by blaming others.Or they ask you to inform their main office in Quaid e Azam Stadium.

The issue arose after there were thunderstorms in the area, and when the locals contacted lineman Ashraf, he refused to work and asked them to call a lineman from the main office.

The locals decided to initiate a protest, and reported the officials so an investigation can ne launched.