To check the Band of Mangla Dam, Dam Safety team arrives in Mirpur on Emergency basis

Dam Safety Team arrives in Mirpur on Emergency basis to asses the conditions of Mangla Dam Bands

Mirpur, The Federal government took immediate notice of the protest by the Candidate for LA Ijaz Raza and sent a Dam Safety Team to Mirpur to check the conditions of Mangla Dam band. Ijaz Raza protested against the deplorable condition of Mangla Damband and the risk it poses to millions of lives. Must University Engineers said that the band is weaker making the dam dangerous and the Chief Secretary Azad Kashmir notified the federal government of the situation.

Now the Dam safety team will view the Mangla Dam Band near Khaliqabad and will present their report to the Federal Minister. The current level of water in Mangla dam is a few feet below 1200. Dam Safety Team visit has been appreciated by Ijaz Raza.