Thieves stole £5,000 form Shabnam Nazir’s she saved for therapy of daughter aged 6

Thieves burgled at Shabnam Nazir’s house and stole £5,000 and jewelry from her safe which she saved for the for her 6 years old daughter Amelia Qadeer’s cerebral palsy therapy who suffers with cerebral palsy and progressive intestinal failure.

Shabnam Nazir, 34, raised this money through bag packs, sponsored walks and dinner parties, and had a plan to sell the jewelry to collect more money for her sick daughter.

The mother said she is distraught as the money she saved for her daughter is gone, the therapy is the only thing to helps little girl to relieve some of her pain.

The little girl is given Advanced Bio-mechanical Rehabilitation 3 times a year in Glasgow. The time thieves broke in Shabnam Nazir,her house she was at Martin House Hospice, getting support for Amelia.

Shabnam Nazir’s sister who has moved into their house with family to help Ms Nazir, was in mosque when she came back, she spotted two men in the house and 3rd was waiting in the car, when she called police, they fled out in their BMW Car.

Shabnam Nazir, said she is devastated and the money was for little girl who is suffering.