There will be NO Investigation in Yassar Yaqub’s Killing Case

Yasser Yaqub murdered by police. There will be no investigation in this case, like the rest of the shootings and murders police have carried out in the past. 3 shots fired by officer straight through the windscreen, motive was to kill. No firearm was discharged in the car.

No body camera’s, all ticket officers, traffic police have cameras and armed police never had none, why? when all officers are authorized to wear them on a big operation for evidence, specially armed police. They probably did have camera’s but they probably deleted the footage and brush everything under the rug. Think about it, every shooting in UK, camera’s and video footage goes missing, isn’t it strange, hardly any officer is accused.

But this was a revenge attack by the officers, sometime back there was shoot out, where a officer got shot in crossfire, they knew but couldn’t charge the person, if it was a member of your family or close friend, you would want to do same to the other party, that’s what the officers done, they believed it was him, so they have killed him. This happened to him today tomorrow it could be your son, your brother. There are many case’s officers take things personal, they are same like us, we take matters in our own hands they do too.

-Mark Duggan case, there were no camera’s?

-and many others

-Jermaine Baker case, have accused the IPCC of betraying them.

IPCC – Independent Police Complaints Commission are employed by ex police officers and CURRENT POLICE OFFICERS, its obvious they are there to cover police trails, they ain’t going to go into action details against there fellow police officers, they just there to cover there back!

It is all loads of bollocks, if an officer got shot they would arrest the person within 24 hours and close the case, they know its their fault, so they taking time then they will say LACK OF EVIDENCE.

Look at Aaron Lambo, an officer took it personally and keeps sending armed police to **** him up.

They said they found the gun in Yasser’s car but they not saying where it was, they are not even saying whether he had the gun on him or reached for the gun, i think if that was the case because that s there greatest defense, the police would straight away say, he was reaching for the gun or took the gun out but then the problem is if they say that, they would have to PROVE IT, so it looks like that wasn’t the case.

I think this is disgusting and sad that someone had been killed in this way, and the officers involved, i don’t think anything will happen to them, and the family wont get any answers, unless everyone raises there voice. And the media down plays the victim, who has been shot, brain washes everyone to think he was a bad person, his life wasn’t worth much, dont worry about it that he got shot, that is disgusting. His family is distraught, lost there son, i sometimes think how these newspaper journalists sleep at night, when they attack people about random things, which got nothing really to do with what happened.

WE HAVE GOT FEW PROBLEMS IN THE POLICE IN UK, WHICH NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT. I think a lot of people have suffered some kind of police harassment, bullying or worse, we need to stand up for our rights!

Police Killings since 1920, when are they going to stop?

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Original Source can be reach here : FB Norman Khan