The road for Government Secondary School F1 has begun to look like Ancient Ruins

Mirpur (8th September2014) The road for Government Secondary School F1 has started to look like Ancient Ruins, as it has deep ditches, filled with rain water.

The drains present in front of the schools are blocked by mud and stones. On one corner of the school large bulk of garbage has accumulated and the water standing due to blocked drains has become the breeding ground for mosquito and flies. The internal environment of the school is beautiful and pleasant but as soon as one steps outside they have to face the polluted reality.

According to details, the F 1 Road leading to Government High School F/1 Mirpur is still broken and in disrepair. There are multiple ditches on the road, which, due to accumulation of rain water have transformed in to ponds, which are serving as breeding grounds for multiple insects, including mosquito, flies, etc.

There are many developmental organizations, including the authorities of PWD Highway Divisions , and due to their negligence a road leading to a quality Educational Institute is like a bad patch.

The water surrounding the building has not only raising hordes of insects but is also damaging the structure of the building by seeping through it. On one corner of the school there are heaps of garbage which have never been lifted by the employees of the corporation and has become a Filth Depot which is polluting the environment.
The Head Master, Raja Rashid Mohammad Turab, has beautified the internal environment of the school with lots of effort and hard work, but the pollution on this Internal F1 Road is creating a negative impact on the overall environment of the school.

It is the need of the hour that PWD Highway Division and the Municipal Corporation should acknowledge their responsibilities and should pave the road from Hall Road to F1 and the Internal F1 Road and remove the Garbage Heap from outside of school and improve the external environment of the school as well.