The Reaction Against Failure To Arrest the Accused Of Attacking Raja Sohaib To Be Shown In Birmingham Conclave – Raja Khushnood

President Muslim League (N) north east Britain candidate, lawyer in the Azad Kashmir assembly – raja Khushnood Azam said that the reaction against the attempted life threatening attack on Raja Sohaib by the brother and son of minister of wealth, while sitting in a staff car, will be given in the Birmingham conclave unless they are arrested immediately. He also said that we will protest with all our strength, against the local police due to their lack of impartiality. He put forward his demands of arresting the people who were involved in firing bullets on the workers of PMLV. He also told him to strict actions against the acts of terrorism that have been projected lately and asked him to ensure complete protection for the members of PMLN.

He warned that in case any of his demands are not being fulfilled he won’t refrain from stepping forward in order to take actions against these terrorists who are a threat to the peacefulness of samahni. He exclaimed that in case this happens, the whole responsibility will lie on the district police and authorities. He exchanged all these views in a special press conference held by him.