The Prayer Rug Getting Urinated at the University of Michigan, USA

Genan Harissa, a third year engineering student at the University of Michigan has filed a report with university police after she said a group of men urinated on a prayer rug in a room set aside for prayer.

A Muslim Student Genan Harissa at the University of Michigan demanded the university for prayer facility on campus. Just like all other religions receive special treatment at a public university, Muslim students were allotted a space for as prayer room.

Michigan is one of the largest populations of Muslims in the United States. So, when Genan Harissa was studying with another Muslim student Sunday night, she claims they saw a disgusting act in the reflection room of the undergraduate library. They saw Someone urinating on one of the prayer rugs that was used for everyday pray.

The incident involved three men, who ran off after they noticed someone is approaching the room. The rug getting urinated news vent viral on tv channel. FBI was called in over what they think is a related incident.

At first glance, it seems there is a white supremacist at the University of Michigan who is peeing on prayer rugs.