The neglectful Attitude of Politicians for Mangla Dam Affected People is Meaningful, Action Committee

Mirpur (29 August2014, Bureau Report) People have no Patience left at all, even after the worst actions taken by WAPDA and rulers from 1960, and between all this the meaningful silence of the Politicians is worth-mentioning. Even after 10 years have passed the New City has not been provided with the basic neccessities. Commissioner Works Mangla Dam Mohammad Tayyab is Affected’s Helpful Officer and he should take practical steps for relief of People.

These views were expressed by Supervisor Action Committee for Affected’s Mangla Dam Ch Abdul Qayyum while talking to Media that hundereds of families which were alloted Plots in New City and division are devoid of the basic neccessities and inhabbitable plots due to which they are forced to live in rented plots. The Government and WAPDA should take active steps in settling the Affecteds. The recruitment of non affected people in Mangla Dam Housing Scheme should be terminated otherwise the responsibles will hve to face consequences. Even after the allottment of 10 billion rupees from Fedral Government the 16000 affected families of Mangla Dam have not been allotted any plots and the future of forcefully evacuated people iss pushed into darkness.

The history of 1960 has been repeated by WAPDA the expansion of Mangla Dam was done and after its completion the offices are shifted back to Pakistan.