The motorbike pickpocketer’s are on the rise in Mirpur

Mirpur: The robbers have found all new ways to cheat the general public. The recent trend that has been increasing is that these people stand on random locations and stop bikers and ask for a lift and on their way they pickpocket that person. Leaving that person in a state of shock as to what happened to him.

According to details recently, a biker coming from Fazil Chowk, resident of C.4 was stopped by an unknown person who asked for a lift to Chowk Shaheedan. The biker agreed to give him lift but unfortunately when he dropped him off and after that checked his pocket his wallet was missing and there was a hole in his pocket.

He went to the nearest police station to file a report. Therefore, one should never trust an unknown persona and give him lift and if you see a suspicious person you should report as soon as possible.