Teenage Thugs Squirt Acid on Takeaway owner Imran Khan, 37, in Dagenham

Teenage thugs squirted acid on Imran Khan, 37, leaving him possibly scarred for life while he was delivering pizza. Imran Khan who owns Immy’s Pizza and grill in Dagenham, suffered horrific burns to his neck and face after acid attack.

Imran Khan was going to deliver a Pizza when a group of 13 to 14 teenagers approached him and took away Pizza from him and threw it on him and later swear at him. The gang of teenagers spread out after police alarm.

Later Imran Khan went back to his takeaway and left to deliver another order and on the way back when stopped to pick his sister Farina BB, 31, a car stopped near to him and two teenagers sprayed acid on his face.

One passerby who witnessed the incident and found Imran Khan screaming badly, put water on his burning face and later he was taken to Queen’s Hospital, Romford, and underwent treatment for suffering injuries to his face and neck.

Imran Khan said “I am more angry than anything else, the culprits should be punished for what they did to me, without any reason.”

Police has launched an urgent investigation to find out the gang of teenagers.