Teenage Girl got Enslaved by Landlord for $1,000 family Debt in MirPur Khas, Pakistan

The night teenager disappeared, her family slept outside their home in MirPur Khas, Sindh province, Pakistan. In the morning she was gone, snatched by a wealthy landlord to whom her parents owed $1,000 dollars. Mother told media that she along with her husband borrowed roughly $500 when they first began to work on the land, but she throws up her hands and says the debt was repaid. “We started with a loan, and every time they said they were taking money for our loan, but no one gave us anything to show we paid.” Instead, the debt doubled.

Mother of girl named Ameri works as a day laborer cutting sugar cane and feed for animals in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province, a region dominated by powerful landowners whose holdings stretch for hundreds of acres.

Parents approached the police station, they were told that their daughter has been converted to Islam and is now second wife of land manager, now you cannot get her back.

Anyway, she is payment for 100,000 rupees ($1,000) they owe me

Her mother is sure that Jeevti paid the price for a never-ending debt.

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