Teenage Brothers, aged 17 and 19, Arrested, Their Sister, 13, Gave Birth to Baby Girl in Malaysia

Two teenage brothers have been arrested on suspicion of abused after their 13-year-old sister gave birth to a baby girl.

The girl was taken to hospital in Chukai, eastern Malaysia, after she fell ill with stomach ache but was actually 36-weeks pregnant.

Her two older brothers aged 17 and 19 were arrested on incest charges after she gave birth to a baby daughter in hospital.

The girl said she had been abused by her two brothers in incidents dating from the end of 2017 until May when she fell pregnant, the New Straits Times reported.

A police investigation was launched the next day and her two brothers have been taken into custody.

A blurred picture of the two suspects in police custody has been circulating online, with the brothers standing side by side in handcuffs and wearing purple prison jumpsuits.

The picture shows the two brothers handcuffed to one another alongside two police officers.

The brothers were arrested under Section 376B(1) of the Malaysian Penal Code, which has a maximum sentence of whipping when convicted and a 30-year jail sentence, according to the Malaysian Star Online.