Teachers abruptly change Medium of Instruction from Urdu to English

Dominance of Teacher continues, Urdu syllabus converted to English

Khari Sharif, The dominance of Government School Teachers continues as initially Urdu syllabus is converted to English without any prior notice. Students have been told to buy the English syllabus books. Poor parents are facing difficulties, as they will have to pay again.

According to details, teachers of Government Model School Bang Dara, initially told the students to buy the books of Science subject in Urdu and now they are asking to buy the same subject books in English. The prices of the books are sky high in this expensive age and it is difficult for poor parents to buy the books.

The poor parents have demanded from the District Education Officer for women and the Minister for Education Mian Abdul Waheed to take immediate notice of the situation and to implement a single syllabus in whole of Azad Kashmir. Repeated changes in the books will add to the burden on the Poor mans expenditures.