Teacher Sheena Boll, 35, Pretended as Abused Pupil to falsely accused male colleague as Paedophile in London

Sheena Boll, resident of Woodstock Road, Forest Gate, East London, a mother of one, and teacher at a school in Newham pretended to be a vulnerable schoolgirl aged 14 while calling Childline and accused her male colleague as Paedophile who groped her.

She called police in March 2016 to childline police, officers launched an investigation and during investigation, the male accused teacher was describe as positive and effective manner he interacted with his students.

When police traced out the call it belong to home number of miss Sheena, she was arrested 3 months later and admitted she had made the calls herself.

Miss Sheena had made such called in past decade of making formal complaints against employees of organisations and businesses and later called officers telling them she had resolved the disputes herself privately.

The male teacher who was framed by miss Sheena told media that, When i heard this news, I just didn’t know what to do to convince people that I would never do anything like this to my students. I felt sick to the stomach and found the whole experience really stressful. My reputation had been tarnished and I was really distressed and full of anger.

She was sentenced to 11 weeks prison suspended for 2 years, given an overnight curfew for a month as well as a 12 month supervision order, and 200 hours community service and ordered to pay costs and compensation to her victim.

Original News Source: Daily Mail