TB Quarters District Dadyal have became the safe place for criminals

Dadyal (12th September 2014 – Bureau Report) Criminals living right under the nose of the Law. TB Quarters, District Dadyal have became a safe place for criminals. Under the supervision of Shahpal Kazmi irrelevant people have made it there perch and were carrying out their illegal business without any hindrance.

SDM Ch Mohammad Ayub, DHO Mirpur Dr Bashir Ch on the pointing out of Media took immediate action. Police raided the TB Quarters and arrested a man named Ashfaq and suspended the In charge.

Due to involvement of MS Dadyal, accommodation is given to irrelevant personnel in the Government quarters and Centers and this fact is kept hidden from DHO Mirpur. But to save the hide of the fraudulent incharge people in power have come to his rescue.

According to reports the TB Quarters, adjacent to Police Station Dadyal’s main gate, was used to give accommodation to a non-national, illegally, by the In charge Shahpal Kazmi.

On the pointing out of this illegal activity by media DHO Mirpur gave the orders for immediate actions. Raja Shahnawaz of Police Station Dadyal carried out the raid and arrested Ashfaq with Fake medicines. The current MS DHQ Hospital said he was unaware of the situation and when Liaquat Dar was contacted he said to ask the second MS as there are two MS in DHQ Dadyal.