Tahir Zarif, 25, on Run to Pakistan after Killing Businessman Akhtar Javeed in Birmingham

Businessman and Father of 4 Akhtar Javeed, 56, was shot and killed on February 3 last year after he bravely tried to fight off his attackers at his Direct Source 3 business in Digbeth as he bravely tried to protect his employees during a failed armed robbery.

Akhtar Javeed's widow Aisha Javeed and daughter Lilas Javeed makes emotional appeal

Akhtar Javeed’s widow Aisha Javeed and daughter Lilas Javeed makes emotional appeal

Three men have been convicted and sentenced for for almost 40 years for their part in the brutal killing.

The 4th man Tahir Zarif, 25, from Derby, who is believed to have fired the fatal shot, is still on run in Pakistan. West Midlands Police is now awaiting for the Home Office to approve an extradition bid.

The widow of a murdered Digbeth businessman Aisha Javeed and daughter Lilas Javeed made an emotional appeal to bring his suspected killer to justice.

Despite the lack of an extradition treaty between Pakistan and the UK, the UK can still make an extradition request to Pakistan.

Police say they are now more hopeful in the case of Zarif, following several successful extraditions from the country in the past 18 months.

Anyone who has any information about the whereabouts of Tahir Zarif or anything they think may be useful to the investigation are asked to contact West Midlands Police.

Original news Source: Birmingham Mail