Survey reveal people’s choice of party in Azad Kashmir

Chanar Press Club team of journalist conducted a survey regarding Publics Favorite Party political party for the upcoming 2016 elections. The head of press club Ishfaq Ahmed Raja acted as the advisor and oversaw the survey as it panned out.

In 8 Union Councils Tharochi, Barnala, Jarai, Kotli, Parai, Panjan, Sohilna, Khanka Kathera and Barali a survey was conducted in which all people from all ages, young or old were asked about political party they prefer to see in power in elections 2016. Anyone who did not wish to give their opinion, was also recorded and asked to explain his reasons. The people were assured that this information was only for drawing up quantitative statistical analysis and will remain confidential. It just a pre poll survey to check the favorite party in upcoming elections.

Public was asked to give their names, father’s names, favorite candidate and which of the four political party they preferred to support in 2016 Azad Kashmir General Elections.
• A) PPP
• C) PTI
• D) MC

The survey revealed that the most popular political party in AK was PPP followed by PMLN then PTI and lastly MC. Lets see if the elections of 2016 reveal the same results.