Suriyah Bi, 24, rejected £11,000 compensation by Heartlands Academy Birmingham

Suriyah Bi, 24, an Oxford University graduate, resident of Alum Rock area of Birmingham and a teaching assistant at Heartlands Academy in Birmingham, was dismissed after she objected on showing graphic footage of 9/11 incident to children who needs special care and between ages from 11 to 12.

School administration dismissed her on on 23 September 2015 after few hours she showed her concern about the video. She had to log-in to her personal YouTube account to override the youtube’s age warning, to show them the video with title, “Can you imagine how bad it must be up there?”. video which was showing people falling from building.

Suriyah Bi is fighting the case in court, she discovered that school staff had raised concerns about her relegious background and questioned whether she should work in schools again and claimed she has raised concerns about the footage only because it offended her as a Muslim.

The school has offered her £11,000 in compensation for loss of 15 months, but she has rejected compensation offer and took the case to a full employment tribunal, the case has started on 5th December and will last for 5 days.