Sultan Mahmood, Residents of Mirpur have Already Sacrificed Twice, and Load Shedding will not be Tolerated

Residents of Mirpur have already sacrificed twice, and they will not tolerate load shedding on any cost, Sultan Mahmood.

Mirpur, has already suffered twice on the account of Mangla Dam, and should not have to anymore.

PTI’s leader, ex-deputy administrator of Municipal corporation Ch Sultan Mahmood said, when talking about load shedding that residents of mirpur are not among those who do not pay their pay their bill. So why should they suffer.

Resident of Peshawar who pay their bills are not subjected to load shedding, whereas people of Mirpur who had to migrate from mangla dam twice due to projects suffer from load shedding. Even when they are paying all their bills on due date. Even after all the sacrifices they have to suffer Load Shedding, which is unfair.

He added that WAPDA needs to make better choices when it comes to Mirpur. As there should not be load shedding in Mirpur, so the residents can live in peace. The government should also commend them on their sacrifices, and award them for it.
Along with that he said, that Mirpur has always shown patience and there is a limit to tolerate such acts. If there is another protest against WAPDA it will be the last. So before residents come to protest load shedding should come to an end.