Substandard Material used to repair the roads in Dadyal flowed out in its first rain

Dadyal (12th September 2014 – Bureau Report) The roads in Dadyal are repaired using very substandard material, black coal was used in very low quantity, so much so that the fillings done by spending millions of Rupees crept out of their cracks in their first rain.

Due to lack of checking by the authorities the contractors are unconcerned and corruption is openly done in the name of Repair Project in the city. The Minister seems to have given complete permission and the members of the Developmental Committee have all closed their eyes.

The members of the Organization “Anjuman e Sada e Haq” have pointed out about the use of substandard material on various occasions but they have been ignored completely.

According to details the current Government has started Touch Repair Works on the roads of District Dadyal and lot of hype was created on this matter, the residents of the area also appreciated the start of this repair work. But it was soon found that even the Repair Project has been sacrificed on the altar of corruption.

The Coal Tar was used for repairs in very low quantities and at the site of Amb the repair work was left incomplete and the local Minister was given the report that the repair work has been satisfactorily completed.

A scam of millions of Rupees has been found and the roads made from the Public Taxes is nothing more than a drama. The Developmental Committee made by the Minister is also sleeping giving the Contractors a free reign and no one to check on them. A typical lobby is busy uprooting the minister.

The Resident of the area is demanding that the Minister should appoint some Honest to God Person to get to the truth of the matter.