Student Injrued during Fight between Two Groups in Kashmir Model College Mirpur

Kashmir Model College Mirpur

Kashmir Model College Mirpur

A student is reported injured in Kashmir Model College, Mirpur because of fight between two student groups, metal rods, fist and arms ammunition was used by students resulting one student named Sardar Saad injured and was taken to hospital, while police have arrested another boy named Faisal.

According to details two student groups of Kashmir Model College Situated in Sector D-4, Football Chowk, Mirpur had a fight and during fight Iron Rods and Fists were used during fight. Later one student opened fire on opponent group. The fight between two groups led other college students scared and one student injured got injured after he was hit in head with metal rod and metal fists.

People and shopkeepers living the college get scared and closed their shops. Police was called who 8 boys were mentioned in FIR and police arrested one named Faisal resident of Staff Colony Mirpur and searching of other nominated boys. Police has started investigation of the case.

The incident has left people and parents in shock, the students who are supposed to get quality education especially in Private Institutes where their parents pay heavy amount in form of tuition fee and other expenses end up in fight and using arms during fight.

Schools and colleges need to provide quality educated and beside that should engaged their students in Extra Curricular Activities, such that they have no time for such bad stuff.