Streets of Mirpur home to crime! Police remain unmoved

Thug takes law to the streets of Mirpur. Foe beaten black and blue at night.

Chaudhry Muhammad Bashir while talking to journalist, held Zabir responsible for the condition of his son. Zabir Urf Zabiri brother to PDSP attacked Babar in odd hours of the night in an abandoned chowk.

Due to the severity of Babar’s wounds, he was taken to DHQ Hospital and admitted there. After examining him doctors referred him to Islamabad hospital as his wounds were too severe and needed attention of a much more experienced doctor.

The harassed father filed a report against the thug to police but the police has yet to apprehend the aggressor. SSP should not bend to pressure and do justice by his duty. The laws are same for everyone. Be it be a common man on street or a VIP official in gilded office on 17th floor.