Streets of Mirpur adorned by piles of waste. Municipal Cooperation where are you?

Streets of Mirpur are full of piles and piles of household waste. The Municipal cooperation is slacking in its duties and weeks old garbage has yet to be removed.

Muslim league N Women Wing City Mirpur General Secretary Memoona Shah said that Mirpur city is a city of overseas Pakistanis. These people left their home country in order to find their fortunes abroad and hence support their families. They pay hundreds and thousands of rupees annually in taxes and yet the locals find their district woefully lacking modern day facilities. Not only that even existinng structures need care and upgrading.

The streets are full of litter. They are very unpleasant site and the stretch is unbearable. Municipal Cooperation is obviously not fulfilling its duties and responsibilities. Sector F1, C3, C4, F2 and many others are characterized by dumps of household waste In streets that the cleaning crew and yet to pick up. Wonder when that day is? Memmona Shah further told the media that municipal cooperation charges every household monthly fee for door to door cleanup service. But as they are remiss in their duties people are forces to dispose garbage in the streets. Even the outside the graveyards full find piles of waste. What a disaster!

Because of such bad sanitation and days old rubbish, its no surprise that locals find themselves suffering from one or other aliment all the time. There is fixed cure to this unless we get rid of the source of the infection. The garbage. Municipal cooperation please wake up and start looking after your people.