Street crime at its peak-Nagni

Crime in the streets of Nagni destroy peace leaving people quaking in their shoes!

Bisharat Hussain son of Barkat Ali opened up his shop in Nagni sector B/3 like it was any other day. During business hours, 3 masked men riding a motorbike came and after started to open firing.

Injured Bisharat was imeediately taken to DHQ hospital by nearby people. Due to his timely arrival at hospital, doctors could save him. SHO City Police Rashid Habeeb took Bisharats’s statement and called for the mystery person to be hunted down.

This is one of the many gunshot incidents that has been happening past couple of months in Mirpur. Such acts o of aggression is causing considerable unease among residents and businessmen alike. Hopefully police is successful in finding the culprits and bringing them to justice.