Statement by ‘Honeytrap’ Beauty, who Lured Millionaire Man to Death

The successful young businessman, Gagandip Singh, 21, who ran his own satellite TV station, was murdered in February 2011 by a man whom he considered a close friend and a hired hand, after the woman, Mundill Mahil, he was ‘infatuated’ with set a deadly honeytrap in a sick attempt to punish him.

Statement by 'Honeytrap' Beauty, who Lured Millionaire Man to Death

Statement by ‘Honeytrap’ Beauty, who Lured Millionaire Man to Death

Varinder Singh @vazsingh, husband of Mundill Mahil shared a Statement by Mundill Mahil on Channel 5 programme

“For the last nine years, I have thought about the past and how things could have been different. Gagandip’s family have lost their son and brother. I think about that every day.

I also served my time and have reflected every day on the value of life. I had my opportunity to explain what happened but the jury took a different view. I can never wind the clock back, but I can try to live every day trying to do some good for others.

Since my release from prison, I have been working to help victims speak up against assault, especially within ethnic minority communities, and ensure that they receive appropriate support.

I don’t ask for anything but the chance to help others and do some good where I can. That is all I desire.”

In 2016 she wed Mr Singh-Bola, an Ilford councillor who worked as an official in the office of Ilford South MP Mike Gapes and who has been pictured with Sadiq Khan.

Gagandip’s sister, Amandip Kaur Singh, 26, from Bexleyheath in south east London, appeared on 5 Star documentary The Murder of Gagandip Singh last night, and described the harrowing moment she went to visit her murdered brother’s body after he was beaten up and burnt alive in the boot of a car.

‘There was no skin, he had gone charcoal colour. His eyes had sunk in. He didn’t even look like a human. It was scary, but he was my brother so I had to go.’

Mahil was sentenced to six years in prison for causing grievous bodily harm in 2012 but was released on licence in 2014.

Gagandip’s family were disappointed with the verdict. Amandip admitted: ‘I don’t see where the justice is, they should receive the maximum penalty.

‘In my opinion, [Mahil] got away with it very lightly. That’s what makes me very angry.’

Since her release from jail after serving half her sentence, Mahil has rebuilt her life by becoming a personal trainer and marrying Varinder Singh Bola, a rising star of the Labour Party.

Disgusted Amandip said: ‘That woman lured my brother to a horrible death and yet served just three years in prison for it.