State Life Agent took 50 Lack Rupees of client by fake Signatures

An agent of State Life Insurance of Pakistan forged the signatures of a Policy Holder and with the help of his banker brother opened a fake account and cashed the cheque. The policy holder took his report to the newspapers after the concerned authorities turned a deaf ear to his complaint.

According to the details, Masood Ahmed Hashmi s/o Abdul Aziz Hashmi told the journalists that he got his Life Insurance done by Pona Samahni resident Raees Naaz and its total value was approximately 50 lack Rupees. The policy matured in 2014 and when he took the required documents to the Life Insurance, he came to know that the policy agent has already surrendered his Insurance policy by obtaining a cross-cheque, which was later cashed by agent after he opened a fake account with the help of his banker brother in Kaladab area of Kotli.

Masood Ahmed Hashmi further said that he had notified the State Life Insurance Corporation of the deceit but to no gain and that he saves the right to take legal action against offenders.