Star-crossed lovers run away from home!

They say all is fair in love and war. 2 young individuals who refuse to accept that they cannot be together make away with each other defying family and society in the dead of the night.

Former resident of Bahawalnagar, Hashim had moved to Chichiyah s while back. He met his better half in Mandi Bahunddin. The 17 year old girl’s family did not support the match and deemed it to be unsuitable. But the two hotheads did not pay heed this disapproval and decided to make their own destinies.

Their absence alerted the family who began to hunt the two down. But all their efforts came to no avail. At last they reported to Police Station Afzalpur who has begun looking for the two individuals.

Pakistan is a very conservative society when it comes marriages and prefers arranged marriages. This doesn’t give the youngsters much room to find love and they often engage in covert relationships. While we do like love matches and support them more often than not our elders who are better versed in the worldly matters, can spot a shady fellow. So perhaps they do know what they are doing when they refuse to give their consent to a match.