Son deprived of his father form Land and Property with Fraud in Kasgumma

Son took father to court instead of hospital and get the property papers signed on his name with fraud and deprived his father of from land and house in Kasgumma.

According to details, Irfan Hussain son of Muhammad Saadiq resident of Jandala Kasjamal, Kasgumma get the property paper signed from his own father with fraud and took possession of property. Irfan Hussain get his father ready for medical check up and instead of hospital he took him to Bhimber court and take signatures of his father on some papers without knowledge of his father.

Later Irfan Hussain went to Saudi Arabia and sent his Father in Law Khursheed Ahmed to vacate home. This was the time when old man Muhammad Sadiq came to know that his own son took possession of his 8 Kanals of Land and house on his name.

Old man was kicked out from his own home and he went to his other son’s home to take shelter. Old man Muhammad Sadiq told media that he wants justice and want his land, house and belongings back. He appealed Chief Justice Azad Kashmir and PM AJK to took notice of this fraud and give him justice.

Irfan Hussain also looted 8 Lac Rupees from his widow sister and money from other family members too.