Son broke Father’s teeth in New City Mirpur

Maskeen Gull resident of New City Mirpur told police that he is beaten by his on son and son in law. Both beat him at his home in New City Mirpur, because of torture his 1 tooth is broken.

Maskeen Gull told his son Umar Farooq and son-in-law zahid Akbar often use to beat him and force him to transfer house at their name.

Last his son-in-law Zahid Akbar asked him to transfer the house at his name. After Maskeen Gull refused to do so, both his son-in-law and son locked the door and tortured him.

Old man Maskeen Gull went to police station to seek help. He demanded PM AJK, IG Police and SSP Mirpur to take notice and provide him justice.