Son accused his Dad for Stealing Jewellery and Cash from Home in Bhimber

To make his wife more happy and to occupy the land and property of real father, son accused his own father for stealing money and Jewellery form home.

According to details, Muhammad Suleman son of Sabar Hussain resident of Gurah Chaudrian, Deheri Wattan, District Bhimber Azad Kashmir, accused his father for stealing 11 TOLA of gold and cash and reported in police, police put the father behind bars.

The father told media that “my son Muhammad Sulerman along with his wife and in laws want to grab property and land from me, and transfer at his own name”.

Father Sabar Hussain added, “my son Muhammad Sulerman also threaten to kill me”. The Victim appealed the concerned Authorities to provide him justice.

Sabar Hussain told media is brought him up, educate him, and got him married and today i have to see the lockups just because of the sun of i raised.

In Islam, Father keeps right on the earning of his sons, but in the above case we can see worlds is leading to which direction, obviously these are the sings of “Qiyamt”.

May Allah Guide all of us and put us on right path.