Sobia Yousef Slit Her Throat In Asda

A mother who has been distraught by her daughters death, cut her throat at Shipley supermarket, in front if the staff and shoppers.

Sobia Yousef, 36 years old died in March last year, she walked from her home in Beamsley Road to the local Asda store where she picked up a knife in aisle 11 from kitchen utensils.

Colin Wallis was assigned to that aisle that day, and he saw Mrs. Sobia Yousef holding the knife. She was Fatally wounded and soon collapsed bleeding.

Care workers had visited Sobia a day before the incident, and she did not show any signs that could lead to self harm.

Coroner Martin Fleming, from Bradford said that neither they or her family failed to spot any such action.  → To read more.

 Source: Asian Image