Skyrocketing prices of Fruits and Vegetables at Mirpur local market-Buy or not to buy

The inflation in the rates of these commodities is making it very difficult for local community to enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are being sold at vendors at exorbitant prices and local community is helpless to act against it.

The wholesale dealers are playing tyrants of the local fruit and vegetable market. The Price Control committee remains unable to bring down the rates check power of the wholesalers dealers. Nowadays the sight of plump red-faced lady arguing with the vendor over bushel of apples is a common incident. The reality of the matter is that the cost of these commodities is higher in Mirpur then elsewhere in Punjab. The wholesale dealers are strong-armed and coerce the actions of the vendors and shopkeepers to keep rates according to their desire.

The Price Control Committee definitely needs to face the challenges head-on and make sure that the market is not a victim at the evil clutches of wholesale sellers. After all I definitely don’t want enjoy Oranges while in season and not gaze enviously as I pass them in the streets sitting atop vendor’s animal cart.