Sky Telecom charging exorbitant rates in Azad Kashmir

Sky Telecom is offering packages at different rates in Muzaffarabad then in Azad Kashmir. This corrupt body doing its best to ruined Kashmiris.

Sky Telecom apparently thinks people of AK have nuggets of gold buried in their backyard. Currently Sky Telecom package details in AK are as follow: 1 MB for Rupees 2500 and 2 Mb for Rupees 4500. 4 MB package is not available in AK. Whereas in Muzaffarabad the rates are as follow: 1 MB for Rupees 1500, 2 MB for Rupees 2000 and 4 MB for Rupees 2500.

Such disparity in rates has aggravated the users. They protest against this deceitfulness and warn the company that if they do not standardize their rates they shall leave Sky Telecom in favor of their telecommunication companies. In present day, intense competition exist between companies exist as they fight tooth and nail to maximize market share. For one commodity consumers have a wide range of variety to choose from. Sky Telecom should definitely address this issue posthaste so as to not lose a large number of clients in near future.