Sister lashed out at a GoldSmith’s Shop after her brothers Bail was Denied in Court

After brothers bail was denied, her sister lashed out at a goldsmith’s shop, broke all the glass, and injured the owner.

Sister lashed out in anger, and did not even think about her actions.

Sarafa Bazar, Shezad Hamid, goldsmith’s shop was attacked by an angry sister who broke all the glass and injured the him.

She even verbally abused him in front of the entire market, she threatened him, and fled the scene.

Mr. Shezad Hamid went to City police station to launch a complaint against her, and the police started their investigation.

According to sources Usman Hammed’s sister Arosa was the one who launched an attack on the goldsmith’s shop.

Usman Hammed was caught in a fighting case, and when he went to court for a bail appeal, it was rejected and he was sent to prison.

Sister Arosa took it out on the goldsmith and his shop, which was destroyed.

The police have launched a few raids to catch Arosa, and are still on the hunt.