Sikondor Ullah, 37, Dragged by beard from his Car by TEN WHITE thugs in Edinburgh

Dad-of-one Sikondor Ullah, 37, who is from Bangladesh, was assaulted by a group of around ten teenagers while picking up a fare in West Pilton Place, Edinburgh on Sunday night.

After blocking the road, the posse of boys and girls, opened his doors before pulling him out the car by his beard.

The group ransacked the Vauxhall Insignia before jumping on it and smashing the windscreen.

The shocking attack happened just a few hundred yards from where a Chinese takeaway owner was stabbed in the throat and left for dead in a previous racist attack.

Speaking at his home in Edinburgh, Sikondor yesterday told how he believes he was attacked because of his ethnicity. I was on my way to pick up customers when this group of ten to twelve teenagers appeared on the road. They walked towards the car before opening the doors. They came to the driver’s door and opened it and reached in and grabbed my beard and pulled me out the car.

One of the guy jumped over the bonnet and kicked the wind screen until it smashed. The thugs stole £150 that was in the car and a few other items.

The shocked driver managed to raise the alarm and call the Police but by the time they arrived the group had disappeared.

Original News Source: The Sun