Shocking Truth “If I Told You Everything You Would Cry” : Boxer Amir Khan

A damaging family feud, seismic changes in his backroom team and a chronic hand injury have required urgent attention before the former unified light-welterweight champion could even begin to think about actually boxing again.

The shocking truth behind the collapse of Team Amir Khan

The shocking truth behind the collapse of Team Amir Khan

After Amir Khan knock-out defeat to Mexican idol Canelo on May 7, he told his team, he wants to take full control of everything, my old team said, “there you go” and walked away. I said them, if they don’t want to work and then I am not going to pay you for doing nothing.

Amir Khan says, a lot has changed in his team, Saj was his best friend and he along with Taz has left his team. The way they left the team was not nice.

But I asked Saj that i want to keep you in my team and will pay you, but he turned around and said “no”, thinking I am done with my career now. It was actually a big slap on my face, as i was always there for him, whenever i needed him and when i need Saj, he turned around.

Uncle Taz Khan and long-time friend Saj Mohamed were as close as anyone to the welterweight throughout my career. He said, they all spent good time and earned good money in past era, which has gone now. Now i am the boos of every thing.

My property advisers, My Accountants rip me off. Boxer Amir Khan said, If I told you everything you would start crying. When money starts coming in a lot of people change. When it stops you see their true colours. And when I took a loss, I saw everyone’s true colours. That is why I had to make these big changes.”

I got a bill of Eight Grand for a “server” in my office, The server is for all old emails going back years – what do I need those for? I don’t even look at my emails now!. I am a fighter and i don’t need a office and server my office is Gym, Why would I need an office with a server? but I’m paying server costs and God knows what else for an office that I don’t even need.

Khan said, “When you are making millions, then you forget about the little costs but actually they add up, man. I thought they could do everything and I could sit back and focus on my boxing. But it wasn’t like that. I should have taken these steps and took hold of every thing back when i was 21, 22 years old. But I was young then and I relied on my team, whatever they said went.

Boxer Amir Khan desperately hopes will end with another world title around his waist. Amir Khan has no fight scheduled yet, although plans are well afoot for his ring return, but Khan has already been in camp for two months. And it is from the reception area of Virgil Hunter’s San Francisco gym that he lays out his plan.

I saw white hair on me for the first time in my life on my beard, that’s all the bills and all the problems. I’m not done. I’ve just turned 30, I’ve still got some good years left in me. It could be my time to shine.”

After the Canelo fight my old team thought, ‘he’s had his big fight, he’s done now’. So this is the chance for me now to prove everyone wrong. My old team will think I made the worst choice by letting them go and say, ‘watch his career go down the drain’. I’m not going to let that happen. I’m looking forward to proving them wrong.”

Original News Source: Boxing News Online