SHO City Police Station Ishtiyak Gillani fired from Job

SSP Raja Irfan Saleem in Action, SHO fired in retaliation!

An empty plot on Allama Iqbal Road was home to a Bazaar. In order to evacuate this plot, the police raided it and shot security guards and traders killing them. In addition 6 people were attested.

On the request of Nadeem Qasim City Police arrested the guilty party and filed a report against them. SSP Mirpur took notice of this bloodshed and SHO city police Ishtiyak Gillani and sub inspector Muhammad Zulfikar were fired. Mirpur SP Chaudhry Munshi Khan too has been notified and the investigation continues.

SSP Mirpur appointed SHO City Police Thothal Rashid Habib as SHO to replace Ishtiyak Gillani and appointed Raja Farooq as sub inspector. The two said individuals have undertaken their responsibilities and are working in their respective posts.