Shazad and Humayou, Jailed for Fake Accident Insurance Claims in Bradford

Shazad Saddique, 42, resident of Langdale Gardens, Headingley, Leeds and Humayou Qureshi, 28, resident of Northcroft Way, Birmingham, have been jailed for their roles in a sophisticated crash for cash scam that involved inventing a car accident in central Bradford.

Shazad Saddique jailed for claiming accidents which never happened

Shazad Saddique jailed for claiming accidents which never happened

A third man, Taimoor Khan, 30, resident of Sandhurst Road, Moseley, Birmingham, who got “cold feet” about the plot was sentenced to a 12 month community order with 200 hours of unpaid work.

Taimoor Khan was hired for Humayou Qureshi to pretend he was a passenger in his car. But he pulled out of the scam before undergoing a medical examination and was the first of the three defendants to plead guilty to fraud.

Pair claimed their cars had crashed in Killinghall Road, Bradford, on February 27, 2014.

Telematics boxes were fitted to all vehicles after hearing how such a tracking device in Shazad Saddique’s BMW “gave the lie” to the crash story. The box showed that Shazad Saddique’s car was damaged at a location off Leeds Road, Bradford, by five low impacts, designed to fool insurance firm Insure The Box into paying out.

Shazad Saddique, and two family members put in claims for personal injury, as did Humayou Qureshi and Taimoor Khan.

Humayou Qureshi hired a Mercedes-Benz as part of the scam that would have fleeced Insure The Box out of about £36,000.

Shazad Saddique and Humayou Qureshi made a concerted attempt to defraud the insurance company, submitting claims supported by solicitors and doctors. Both of them were found guilt and jailed for 20 months at Bradford Crown Court yesterday.

Original News Source: T&A