Severe Water shortage in Chakswari Mehmoodabad; people dissapointed with the Prime Minister

Chakswari: It has been more than 30 years since migrants have settled in Mehmoodabad and the problem of water shortage has not been solved ever since. The four years of last governance has not done anything to solve this problem. They had taken the votes from people on the basis of helping them and solving all their problems but have not taken any steps. People are looking for water everywhere and also using rain water. They asked the government to do something about it.
Thirty years have passed since late Raja Mehmood’s sacrifice, on which many migrants had taken shelter on the land of Mehmoodabad. The water shortage has not been solved even in this advanced age. People requested the government to solve this problem in return of their votes that they have been giving in the hope of this problem being solved. They are helpless and are using the rain water as well. They are very disappointed with the Prime Minister Azad Kashmir. People have been voting for him for 6 years and he is not paying attention towards this problem.
There had been road and electricity problems as well but somehow have been solved. People requested the government to do something about water as well or they will protest against the government.