Severe accident between two bikes in Samahni Puna

Samahni Puna: Two bikes got into a severe accident in Samahni Puna. Both bikers, Puna residents, got seriously injured. They were referred to District Headquarter Hospital Mirpur immediately.

According to details, Umer Tufail, Puna resident, was going towards his bike after saying his prayer in a mosque when Asad’s (also Puna resident) bike bumped into his bike due to over speeding. Both men got badly injured and were transferred to District Headquarters Hospital Mirpur.
According to doctor’s reports, Asad fractured his jaw and Umer Tufail fractured his leg and an arm along with injuries on his head. According to latest information, Asad, who is also younger brother of a popular media personality, Ch. M. Ali, was referred to a hospital in Kharian, due to his severe injuries. Although doctors have made sure that both the men are out of any serious danger.