Selfie Driver caught after Police Chase, Jailed for 1 Year in Blackburn

Salim Shah, 25, resident of Blackburn Road, Great Harwood, who in past filmed his own “selfie” during a police chase and was banned from driving and was also jailed, now once again he has been caught in drunk driving and has been jailed for 1 year for dangerous driving and banned for 2 years.

Salim Shah was spotted at the Rising Bridge roundabout in a red BMW, as he was going to drop his friends home from a night out in Manchester, as they had been drinking. He was driving 60mph in 30mph zones and put the life of other drivers at risk.

Shah run the checks at Rising Bridge roundabout and also ignored emergency blue lights by police and warnings by police. Later he was caught during police chase.

He was jailed for 16 months in 2014 for same offence and police was chasing him and he filmed himself and Police Chase with mobile camera in a selfie style.

When police arrested him, he even asked them, It was a good chase wasn’t it?. At recent police chase, Salim Shah was already banned from driving by North Cheshire Court, for 22 months.

At Blackburn Magistrates Court, he is jailed for further 1 year and banned from driving for 2 more years.

Original News Source: Lancashire Telegraph