Sector C/1 depicts Karbella as the water blockade continues on the 10th Day

Mirpur (13th September 2014- Bureau Report) The water blockade continues in to the 10th day in C/1 Sector of Mirpur, giving a free reign to Tanker Mafia. The rates of a water tank increased to thousands. The Engineers of Department of Public are part of this inhuman scheme. The residents of the area are striving for every drop of water and are demanding from the administration to take immediate notice of the situation.

According to details, the residents of the famous C/1 Sector of Mirpur are deprived of water from the last 10 days and are roaming around carrying buckets and water pitchers on head searching for water. The authorities remain unable to provide water to the residents and this blockade has resulted in a situation similar to Karbella in Sector C/1.

Due to a coalition of Tanker Mafia and Water Supply Department the people are forced to buy expensive water. One tanker is sold of thousands of Rupees in Market and the Administration and higher authorities have closed their eyes.

The Engineers of Department of Public Health are involved in closing the water and have become the ‘Yazeeds’ of old. People are striving for a single drop of water from the last few days and the administration is taking no responsibility for the situation.

People are strongly protesting against the situation and are demanding immediate supply of water in Sector C/1 of Mirpur otherwise people will be forced to come out on streets.