School Teacher Amar Raza Hussain caught watching Explicit Material in Classroom: Leeds

Amar Raza Hussain, 38, had been working as a supply teacher at Lawnswood school in Leeds for 3 months he was caught watching pornographic Videos in class room while teaching school children.

For misconducts National College for Teaching and Leadership banned him indefinitely from teaching.

Amar Raza Hussain attached the USB Flash Drive to School Network and accessed the videos from USB to watch while teaching, class of year 7 pupils, aged 11 and 12, with a teaching assistant in the room. The safeguarding software detected the user watching Explicit material.

The head of school confronted Amar Raza Hussain with a report from the school’s software provider, Amar was suspended and reported to the local authority safeguarding team.

The panel found that the class pupils might have seen the IMAGES and found. Professional misconduct charges were considered by a pane.

Mr Hussain told panel, he had been going through a “traumatic period”, which included the death of his father. But panel said, despite the these traumatic factors “a prohibition order is proportionate and appropriate”.

Mr Hussain, who was suspended by Lawnswood High, will not be able to apply to have the order overturned until December 2018.