Sarfraz Ahmed, 34 kept his wife Sumera Iram as a Slave in UK

Sarfraz Ahmed who kept his wife as slave in UK

Sarfraz Ahmed who kept his wife as slave in UK

Sarfraz Ahmed, 34 married Sumera Iram in 2006 in an arranged marriage ceremony held in Gujrat Pakistan. It was a Nikah only Ceremony. After Nikah Sumera remained in Pakistan to complete her studies Masters in Islamic Studies.

Sumera finished her studies in 2012 and then joined her husband Sarfraz in UK. On arrival to the UK in 2012 she moved in with her husband.

But things went wrong as her husband would make her do endless duties until 5 am in the morning, house cleaning, cooking, taking care of guests. Taking care of sister in laws and even changing nappies of sister in laws children.

Even she was asked to take carry luggage upon arrival of her sister in laws from another city. In fact she was treated as a house maid to complete general household duties all day and night.

Mr Ahmed told her wife Sumera Iram that he married her make his parents happy. She was also threatened by her husband that if she left home, Black men and White men would rape her, kidnap or murder her”.

Sarfraz Ahmed also use to beat her, one night in February 2014, he broke her nose and was forced to run out the house and into the street fearing for her life. During that moment Mother in Law of Sumera was present on spot and did not said any thing or tried to protect her.

Police was called but no formal complaint maid and as a result Sarfraz Ahmed released from custody. Sumera suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and 6 months after her husband broke her nose, she tried commit suicide. And then finally she called the police and registered a complaint against violence.

Sarfraz Ahmed was charged with conspiracy to keep a person in domestic servitude and keeping his wife as a slave, and is due for sentencing next month.

It is becoming a trend in British Pakistani Community to get their sons married from Pakistan and get a Full Time Free House Maid. They usually select a girl from remote village areas as these girls are not that much educated or smart enough to understand their rights being a woman in UK.

They are used as house maid to complete general household duties. On other side these British Boys agree to these Pakistani Backward or uneducated girls just to make their parents happy and keep their extra martial affairs as well.

At end these poor girls end up in council houses and their parents at back home also force them to stay there until they got Red Passport.

Pakistani Parents should thing twice before getting their girls married to British Boys.