Sammy Woodhouse, 15, Gave Birth to Son of Rapist Arshid Hussain in Rotherham

Sammy Woodhouse was just 14 when she was targeted and groomed by notorious paedophile Arshid Hussain, an ordeal that would change the rest of her life. Fell pregnant by Arshid Hussain and gave birth to his son.

Rape Victim Ms Woodhouse who fell pregnant with Arshid's baby

Rape Victim Ms Woodhouse who fell pregnant with Arshid’s baby

Arshid Hussain, also known as Mad Ash – preyed on the teenager after meeting her at a party in the late 1990s and started waiting for her outside school.

Arshid Hussain who was 24-year-old at that time and was married – treated her as his girlfriend a decade younger than him.

Arshid Hussain and his brothers were the most notorious perpetrators of terrible abuse against teenage girls in Rotherham.

Sammy Woodhouse told before she met Arshid Hussain, she was like most of girls of her age, obsessed with dancing and close with her two older sisters.

She thought she was in love with Arshid and have a loving relationship. He took her out for meals and even invited her to his family home.

But later Arshid Hussain turned to violence in a bid to control her. He hated her speaking with any other men, even those in her own family and would lash out if she went against his instructions.

‘It was very open what was going on between us. It wasn’t this dirty little secret that nobody knew about.’

Victim Sammy Woodhouse says she blames the the professionals who failed to protect her, and they helped them and that covered things up for them.

Arshid Hussain, 40 – who now uses now a wheelchair – was jailed for 35 years.

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