Samia’s Father Chaudary Shahid Attacked Bradford MP Naz Shah for “Making a Lot of Noise”

Samia Shahid’s father Ch Muhammad Shahid who is accused of assisting in Samia’s murder, has been released on bail last week after a court in Pakistan found insufficient evidence to keep him in jail.

After getting release on bail, Ch Shahid, talked to media and denies assisting in murder of his daughter Samia.

He told, Samia came to my house in the morning in a normal routine. Then she went to grave yard to lay flowers on grave of her mother-in-law.

Then she went to her husband Skaheel’s home, where she was alone, as Shakeel was out for some work from morning. Then in noon at about 12:00 pm i paid a visit to Shakeel’s home, when i opened the main gate I was shaken when I saw Samia’s body laying on down stairs.

Her mouth was bleeding, I thought she may fallen downstairs or somebody gave her poison. I didn’t touch her body and called police.

Chaudry Shahid said, Samia was very close to him, and just the night before she bought me my favourite burger and chips. Samia had no problem with Shakeel. She was happy with him and went with him to the house.

He told, It is so painful that my daughter has died and I am accused of being involved in her murder. Even i was not allowed to mourn her death, even if my nephew, Shakeel is involved in her murder i will file a case against him. But i was not given a chance even to know either she was murdered or died of natural death.

He said, she was my daughter, but somebody else wants to become her legal heir of Samia. Shahid is a British-Pakistani citizen who spent 20 years living in the UK.

Chaudary Shahid further said, I am a British-Pakistani citizen and have lives in UK for more than 20 years. Never commit crime there, even not got traffic ticket.

I lived a simple life and earn Halal in my whole life, from last 4 years I am a diabetic patient, but never applied for social security benefits in UK.

He said, Bradford West MP Naz Shah is “Making a lot of Noise Around this Case” just to further her politics.

Original News Source (Edited): Daily Mail