Samia Shahid’s Father Released on Bail for Insufficient Evidence in Samia’s Murder

Today on Thursday High Court accepted the bail plea of Chaudhry Shahid and ordered him to submit the surety bond of Rs 200,000 for his release as bail was granted for insufficient evidence.

The Mangla police had registered a case of Samia’s murder against 5 family members on the request of her 2nd husband, including parents, ex-husband, a sister and a cousin. Her mother and sister are yet to be arrested as they fled to the UK.

Samia Shahid’s father Chaudary Shaid and her Ex Husband Chaudary Shakil were kept in Jhelum jail for the last few months. Today father of husband Chaudary Shahid was set free due to lack of evidence.

Due to lack of the evidence, court said they cannot accused Chaudary Shaid and sentence him without evidence and on the basis of police investigation.

Chaudary Shahid was arrested after police found the phone records found difference in the statements given to police during investigation and in his phone calls which he made to his relatives and friends. Because Samia Shahid’s family gave statements that she died of heart attack and later in investigation it was proved that she was strangled to death.

Ex Husband Chaudary Shakil admitted killing her, while her Father Chaudary Shahid denied any assistance in murder.