Samia Declared herself Virgin while marring 2nd Husband Mukhtar Kazim

Samia Shahid and her 2nd husband Mukhtar Kazim’s Divorce and New Nikah papers were send to UK for verification, Samia took Khulla in Luton on 1 May 2014 as per Islamic Law, which is not UK Law and is not acceptable in UK.

Her second marriage is not registered in UK. Now Samia Shahid is dead and she cannot verify any thing in court. Mukhtar Kazim who is a Pakistani citizen and lives in Dubai, avoiding to give any statement to media.

According to investigation in Leads Samia Shahid declared herself Never Married while marrying Mukhtar Kazim.

Samia wrote a letter to Mufti Syed Subtain Kazmi that she was forcibly married to Ch Shakeel in Pakistan by her parents against her will. Her parents took her passport in order to marry her with her Cousin Ch Shakeel. Samia took divorce on 1 may 2014 in Luton by Islamic Law.

Samia married Mukhtar in Manchester on August 2014 in Islamic way and on 24 September 2014 she registered her marriage in Leads.

Samia who took divorce on advise of Mukhtar Kazim with help of Syed Muhammad Sabtain Kazmi, which is against the Sunni Sect (Samia’s parent Sect.) This case still needs to be verified from Pakistan, as according to Shia Sects they are allowed to do Temporary Marriages (Mutah) with out consent of parents. While Sunni Sects is totally against this concept.

Further when “Anne Downing” a concern person in Leads marriage registrar office, asked Samia about her martial status then Samia declared herself never married.

Mukhtar Kazim who is not a British Citizen and never can be in Spouse Visa Case, is avoiding to give any statement.

This case is against Public interest because the woman who married Nikah over Niakh is no more in world and neither this case is brought to trial court.

Summary of Story is, Samia married Ch Shakeel in Pakistan Law and Islamic Law (Sunni Sect), then went back to UK, there she applied for divorce in Islmic way (Shia Sect). And married 2nd time to Mukhtar Kazim in Islamic Way (Shia Sect). She then registered her marriage in Leads as per UK Law by declaring it as her First Marriage as per UK Law.

Reference : Jhelum Updates